Boarding charges are on a daily basis and commence on the day of arrival irrespective of time. There is no charge for the day of departure if the Pet or Pets are collected before 1PM. After that time another day is charged. This is similar to an Hotel with a late “Check Out”

Boarding Rates inclusive of GST are detailed below:

Dog Daily Rates

Size Daily Rate Long Term Notes
Dog $22.50 $21.38 Most Dogs are charged at this Rate.
Giant Breed $24.50 $23.28 Giant Breeds only, eg Great Dane.

Cat Daily Rates

Room Daily Rate Long Term Extra Cats Long Term Extra Cats
Standard $17.00 $16.15 $17.00 $16.15
Garden $18.50 $17.58 $18.50 $17.58
Deluxe $20.00 $19.00 $20.00 $19.00
Premium $22.50 $21.38 $22.50 $21.38

Other Animals

Pet Daily Rate Long Term Notes
Rabbit $17.00 $16.15

Long term rates apply to boarding period of thirty boarding days or more and can be one pet for thirty days, two pets for fifteen days, three pets for ten days and so on.


Discounts are given where the boarding stay exceeds 30 boarding days; this is a total for pets from the same family. It could for example be one dog or cat for 30 days, or one dog and one cat for 15 days or one dog and two cats for 10 days etc. These discounts are 5% of the total boarding cost. Further Discounts may be applied to stays in excess of 60 Days.