All pets are housed individually at Best Friends, though multiple dogs or multiple cats from the same family can be housed together, dogs with dogs and cats with cats. Your pet will never be housed with other than your own pets.

Arrival & Departure Times
Charges include the day of arrival irrespective of the time of arrival.

We request that wherever possible delivery and collection of pets takes place before 4:00 PM and no later than 4:45 PM, our closing time of 5:00 PM is dictated in the terms of our Kennel License and is strictly adhered to!

There is no charge for the day of departure if pets are collected by 1:00 PM, after this time an additional day is charged.

Bedding & Toys
With the exception of human style bean bags and doonas for dogs,bedding and toys are welcome. Please be aware that toys maybe lost or misplaced so do not bring an item that is irreplaceable. On or two toys is adequate, wherever possible mark toys and bedding with the pet’s name.

Dogs have daily access to grassed or pebbled exercise yards for a minimum of 1 hour per day (weather permitting).

Cats in Premium accommodation are rostered  through the cat exercise yard daily, cats in other accomodation can be given outdoor exercise for a small fee.

Grooming of boarding dogs  is not included in the cost of boarding but is available at extra cost.

Maintenance grooming during long stays can be arranged depending on the breed and coat type.

Five percent discount on the base bathing cost of a Beagle ($34.00) is given for every day of boarding. This is a bath and dry only and does not include grooming, brushing clipping etc.

Iinfrared Heat Lamps are  available for dogs at a cost of $3.00 per day. All cat Accomodation is heated and the Deluxe and Premium areas are airconditioned.

Medication in accordance with clients’ instructions will be administered at no additional charge. This assumes medication can be administered during our normal working hours, a medication fee of at least $3.00 per administration will be charged where administration is required outside these hours. Depending on the medication requirements admission may be refused. In the event of any illness or injury (unless immediate emergency treatment is required) the pet will be referred to the clients own Veterinarian.

If requested by clients, Dogs may have a playmate in the exercise yard this depends upon two compatible, both authorized to have playmates being boarded at the same time. Other than cats from the same household who are authorized to be together Cats are always housed and exercised individually.

All Boarding Rates are per dog or cat per Day and include GST.

All pets are housed in their own individual runs except where two or more dogs or cats from the same household may, at the clients’ request, be housed together. It is not possible for dogs and cats to be housed together at this time.


During most of the year we have availability at relatively short notice, however for Public Holidays, School Holidays and special events eg AGFEST, The Deloraine Craft Fair, AFL Grand Final, etc. early booking is essential. As an indication to be sure of obtaining a booking for the Christmas New Year period booking by the beginning of August is advised. You can opt to receive an E-Mail notification advice when we are up to 80% occupancy for any specific period or event you can subscribe to these Notices on our Newsletter page here.

All dogs and cats are to be vaccinated, dogs to a level of C5 or equivalent and cats to FE3 level. Proof of vaccination is required; if no vaccination certificate is available we will ring the vaccinating Veterinarian to confirm level and currency. No pet will be accepted under any circumstances without these levels of protection.