With the exception of nail clipping only full grooming services are provided, that is no partial grooming eg face or feet clipping only.

All grooms include the following: –

  • Stomach and genital area clipped or scissored;
  • Between the pads clipped or scissored;
  • Nails clipped;
  • Ears cleaned (Otoderm or Dermaclens is used);
  • Coat is brushed and any tangles removed (provided this can be achieved without causing undue distress to the Dog). Alternatively the coat is clipped off, the client is always informed before clipping off is carried out;
  • Preliminary clipping and styling is carried out;
  • The Dog is bathed and flea rinsed if necessary (or requested) and then blow dried;
    Final clipping, trimming, scissoring and styling is performed.
  • A coat dressing and cologne such as “Lustre Aide” or “Eau De Chateau” is applied.With the exception of extra time involved in the removal of mats, tangles and the stripping out of tangled undercoat all the above is included in the basic grooming price.

grooming prices here.

Dematting will be performed at the clients request providing that doing so will in, our opinion, not cause the dog undue distress or discomfort. If  the client insists, that the dog be brushed and not clipped under these circumstances we will not perform the grooming.
We do not administer any sedatives to allow grooming of any dog. If the client considers their dog requires sedation they must firstly consult their Veterinarian and obtain any prescribed sedative and dosage to administer prior to arrival for grooming. Except in extreme cases sedation is unnecessary.