Best Friends is now producing a quarterly newsletter which will keep everyone informed of events and services at Best Friends and also provide information of a general nature of interest to all pet lovers, for example the first issue is particularly relevant as Easter approaches as it contains an article on the dangers posed by Chocolate to our Canine companions. The newsletter in PDF format is available free and will be E-Mailed to all our customers, anyone not wishing to receive it can notify us by the opt out link on the accompanying E-Mail, or by using the Opt out Link on this page. Similarly if you would like us to include you on our Newsletter List you can do so by using the opt in link below.

Our first Newsletter Easter 2011 can be downloaded here.

Our Second Newsletter June 2011 can be downloaded here.bigstock_A_Snowy_Dog_1336749

Newsletter Number 3 December 2011 is here.   cat-in-santa-hat

Newsletter Number 4 Easter 2012 is here


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Notice of Vacancies It is amazing how time goes by and we suddenly realize that next week is a Public Holiday or major event! By then we are almost certainly completely booked out and can’t help by looking after your “Best Friends”. To assist we are now offering a free E-Mail notice when we are 80% booked for a particular period of time or event. You can subscribe to our notification list below. We certainly don’t want to clutter your inbox with unwanted E-Mails but many of our Customers have indicated they would appreciate such a service. There is also an E-Mail link below to opt out of this service.

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