Your pets health and well being will be constantly monitored while in our care and should we believe Veterinary treatment is necessary we will take the pet to a Veterinarian. Wherever possible it will be your own regular Veterinarian, however in an emergency or where your own Veterinarian is not available we will use the closest practicable Surgery. Any costs involved in the transport, consultation and treatment will be at the owner's expense.


Medications as supplied by the owner or prescribed by a Veterinarian will be administered at no cost up to twice a day during normal working hours. Each additional administration is charged at $2.20 (including GST)

A charge of $2.20 (including GST) per administration will apply to medications which are to be given within one hour of our normal opening and closing times. This also applies to meals which may be required to be given a certain time after a medication is administered.

Pets requiring medication outside these times may or may not be accepted depending on the frequency and timing of the required medication, and may attract additional charges.